Hot from My Bulging Sack

Helloooo my little Love Munchkins!

Here’s a couple of saucy problems from my post bag today. Oh how I love the pickles you get into.  I turn my head for a minute and you’re off inventing new ways of cocking  your lives up!  Luckily I’m here to offer a steady and experienced hand! Read on sweeties!



Dear Clamidia,

I’m a handsome, muscular gardener in my early 20s. Each day I tend the gardens of lonely, middle class housewives. As I mow their lawns, shirt off, beads of sweat running down my bronzed body, muscles tense with physical exertion, these so called ‘ladies’ invite me into their houses for a cooling glass of lemonade. They then undo my jeans and perform intimate sex acts on me. Then I take them over their kitchen tables and thrust and thrust and thrust again, their bodies heaving and writhing with pleasure until they reach an ecstatic climax as my huge member pounds like an unstoppable locomotive. But I feel so cheap, what can I do?

Clamidia says:

You poor boy. My heart goes out to you. It would seem that you need ‘one-on-one’ counselling to help ease your worries. A young, muscular, virile man like you requires an experienced hand, and my lawn needs mowing. I will forward my personal contact details and look forward to helping you at this truly difficult time in your life.

Huge Cock

Huge Cock

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