My Movie News!!!

Great news sweeties!! I’ve signed the film rights to my movie “I Clamidia”. It’s with a MAJOR Hollywood studio. I have been bound by LAW not to mention which studio it is, as it’s of PARAMOUNT importance apparently.

As for who will star in the role – the internet is ABUZZ with rumours and gorgeous Hollywood starlets are gagging to play me. Hunky actors are lining up like doggers to take the male lead. Ryan Gosling, George Clooney and Channing Tatum have all yet to confirm or deny that they are interested in playing Hubert McGrubert and Hulk Hogan had yet to confirm or deny that he will play my father Stan, but I’m still hopeful. No news yet on who will play Jerry the Dwarf, but I’m hoping Tom C***** will put himself forward.

How exciting!!!!!!!! Watch this space for more hot movie gossip!!

Love you all!

Clamidia xx


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