Spreading Clamida Around the World!!

Just a quick ‘HELLOOOOOO!!” to all my new visitors from around the world. I’m truly global now! How on Earth are you people in Qatar finding out about me? It wasn’t that ‘diplomatic incident’ was it? So hello to all my sexy new chums in Australia, Kenya, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Russia, India, Brazil, Romania, Japan, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Taiwan, The Philippines and all the other countries who are visiting daily, and not forgetting dear old Blighty!!

I’ve had to employ Hubert to help me manage it all! I’d give Jerry the Dwarf a job, but he prefers running around in his underpants chasing sticks.

I love you all. Enjoy your visit, follow and share if you can and I hope you all come again and again!!!

Clamidia xx

p.s. Oooo, and don’t forget to comment or email me. I love to hear from you and I promise I will reply personally. xx

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