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Photo of Kate Middleton’s Tits

Dear Clamidia,

I’m a member of the British Royal Family and live a life if privilege and fame. It’s very stressful and in my spare time I like to relax by doing photography. As you’ve been kind enough to advise the family on ‘issues’ in the past I thought I’d send you a picture I took in the grounds of Buckingham Palace this morning. Hope you like it.

Kate Middletton's Tits

Kate Middleton’s Tits










Clamidia says,

Thank you Kate, that certainly is an impressive pair of tits you have there.

Dear Clamidia,

Oooo…..and while I’m at it here’s one of Prince Harry’s cock. It’s enormous and always wakes us all up in the mornings.

Harry's Huge Cock

Harry’s Huge Cock








….. Oh, and I almost forgot the Queen’s Boobies – here they are! 🙂

Royal Boobies






Clamidia says,

I’ve always wanted to see Harry’s cock so thanks for that. I didn’t realise that The Royal Family was such a goldmine of innuendo!


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